Ran Yaniv Hartstein - Devonshire ArmsI’m Ran Yaniv Hartstein. I work for Automattic, and I’ve been involved with the Hebrew version of WordPress  since 2005.

I’m a “Happiness Engineer” at Automattic, the company that runs WordPress.com.

At 2006 I received the “Alternative Israel Award” for my work on Hebrew WordPress, from the nrg web portal.

At 2007 I was chosen as one the 40 most promising people under 40, by TheMarker, a daily business newspaper.

At 2008 and 2009 I was nominated for the Source Prize by the Source foundation, a non-profit promoting Open Source and Free Software in Israel.

This site has been running since 2005 on Hebrew WordPress, the localized version of WordPress.

The English section was added during April 2010, and it’s simply a separate install of WordPress running on a different domain. Since there are only a handful of pages in the English section, I use a very simple system for making it look like a real multilingual site.

This site is hosted at DreamHost, the best shared hosting provider. You can get $50 off on shared hosting at DreamHost if you use the RANH50 discount coupon code.

The simple logo at the top of every page is set in Officina Serif Bold by ITC, which I got at Fontshop for 26 bucks. The design was also supposed to use Arbel Guild, that Michal Sahar, a local font designer, was kind enough to let me use free of charge. However, there is really no reasonable way to use custom Hebrew fonts on the web right now.

Unless stated otherwise, my writings are published according to the terms of “Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Israel” Creative Commons License. This license does not cover the design, layout and looks. All rights for the design, layout and looks of this blog are reserved to me.

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