Hai, I'm Ran Yaniv Hartstein, a professional writer, casual developer, and art student from Israel. This is my Blog.

I'm a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and I maintain the Hebrew version of WordPress, an open source personal content platform. I post photos on Flickr, links at I Didn't Work Today, and everything else on Twitter.

For more, see the About page and my Resume, or Contact Me.

Not much here in English, but...

I live in Israel and write in Hebrew. The English version of my blog is mostly a placeholder for English readers. I keep it up to date, but I don't post here.

I sometimes write in English in my Blog on WordPress.com, which is also where I work. If you're a Hebrew reader, you can visit the Hebrew version of my Blog.

Otherwise, see the About page for more about myself and this blog, or my professional resume for more about the stuff I'm doing, did, and can do.